Author: Noel Murphy

Hello. Me again. How are you all? I hope you are keeping well and this week finds full of vigor and animal magnetism. Speaking of which; this week I’m delving into the more primal and obscure noir of people’s sex lives. I’m talking fetishes people.

So let’s get down and kinky.


Some of you, maybe a lot of you will know a little about this secret part of human lifestyle. Maybe some of you are even members of fetlife and get your kink on each and every week. I’m also aware that some of you have no idea about this and don’t know a thing about it and only know about it from that time you went to see 50 shades. Let’s broaden those horizons shall we?

First port of call is and probably always will be The bible of the modern day kink girl and/or boy or indeed whatever gender you prefer. Gender is a fluid thing in this community. Fetlife is a community of like-minded individuals who use the platform to talk about upcoming events, social issues in the community, and to pass on their experiences. Not only that it’s a platform for them to celebrate their identity through writing, photography and art. It’s a love in for people who are into anything from the light smack on the bottom to people who like to take it a little further.


So what’s the difference between a kink and a fetish Noely? Good question. Well to quote Miss Devore, a legend in the lifestyle “People who are in the kink community like to discriminate fetish from kink by saying that kink is more focused on the person but the activity is part of the fun. On the other hand, people who have a fetish are intensely focused on a specific object or ritual as part of their sexuality. They need whatever that is to experience any kind of sexual arousal or turn-on, making their sexuality more dependent on their fetish than on their partner”

For some its fun.. like “furries” You have heard of furies haven’t you? Where have you been? Up a tree? The new talk of the town kids.  These are people who dress up as animals as part of their sexual activities. I kid you not. It’s a thing.

For others its a serious way of life, one which they take very seriously. For both, there is a solid set of rules and things that are absolute “No No’s” And consent is paramount.



In Ireland, especially in Dublin there’s a massive fetish community and a number of events and “Munches” (A kind of an informal get together with tasty treats) including a group especially for students.


So in the interest of journalism, I went to one of my most favorite events and give you an idea of what it means to me. Out of respect for my fellow kinksters, I wont go into too much detail and of course I wont mention the name of the event or any of the participants.

As I write this, Ive just spent the morning floating on a cloud in college nursing the wounds of what was one of the best nights of my life, a true emotional roller coaster. It’s hard to explain how it feels for someone  like me to be comfortable at social events. It’s something I have never truly looked forward to. I have always felt uneasy in large groups. How do I explain the fact I feel comfortable surrounded by people in dressed in fetish clothing participating in various scenes of “play”?

I cant.

But I am.

I adore this place where people are free to express and celebrate their identity and their sexuality without judgement and in safety. I adore that despite the costumes and the craziness, these are just normal people with whom you will find you spend a lot of the night talking about mundane thinks like music.

I adore the release of endorphins during play that causes a emotional explosion, a wave of emotion. Then to be held after by someone who truly cares for your well being is truly an amazing experience. One which I would recommend to anyone.

So whats stopping you?Time to try something new. Start by taking the dog for a walk.3.jpg



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