Author: Ronan Gaine

All GAA fans will know that the Super 8’s are coming in to the football championship for 2018 but some won’t know that the hurling championship is also in for change next year. In this article I aim to bring everyone up to date on the championship restructures for the next three years.


Football Restructure:

There will be a new format for the All Ireland Football Championship from 2018 to 2020. There will be a group system implemented at the quarter final stage, that will be known as the Super 8’s. In this the 8 teams will be split into two groups of four, here is a breakdown of the groups.

Group 1:

  • Munster provincial winner
  • Connacht provincial winner
  • Ulster runner up or team that beats them
  • Leinster runner up or team that beats them

Group 2:

  • Ulster provincial winner
  • Leinster provincial winner
  • Munster runner-up or team that beats them
  • Connacht runner-up or team that beats them

Succeeding years will be determined by Central Council. Each team will play one game home, away and in Croke Park.


As for the hurling, next year will see the Liam McCarthy cup competed for by 10 teams, a five team Munster and Leinster Championship. The Leinster Championship will have Galway, Kilkenny, Dublin, Wexford & Offaly, while the Munster Championship will remain the same as before.

The provincial championship will be played on a home & away basis, with each team getting two home games. The top two will then play the provincial final with the winners progressing to the semi finals. The provincial runner up will take on the third place team from the other province in the quarter finals.

The motion was passed with 62% in favour of the change, there was also an amendment of Laois/Offaly passed to allow the two best teams in Tier 2 competition win through into the All-Ireland.

The was also proposal from Cork that a team from the Munster Championship could not be relegated which was heavily defeated. 

So that’s the new look for the GAA championships until 2022, now fans sit and wait for next years Championship to see how the new format works out. Hopefully bringing even more excitement to the All-Ireland.

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