Author: Stephen Clery

The rise of the right has been cause for many separate controversies over the past two years. While many speculate it has to do with a new age of thinking, others suggest that it has opened an avenue for those who are ignorant and obnoxious in our society.

Either way, the students we asked were either indifferent, thought it was reasonable, or detested it.

here are a few of the people we interviewed and what they thought


Ian, 26, Media and communications studies


“I have no idea what you’re talking about, like I have absolutely no idea man” said Ian in a confused tone as I thanked him, and I wouldnt be surprised with the surplus of info out there nowadays

Eoghan,20, Film production


I think it makes sense because a lot of people seem to be polarizing themselves and the way you can block out a lot of people that don’t disagree with you, and it makes sense because there are a lot of people polarizing themselves to the right and the left so again it makes sense”

Alex,19, Film production 


not really too sure”, i then asked him about Donald Trump to which he thought he was “very bad” and I’m sure many people would be in accordance to agree.

Kate,18, film production



“the alt-right are misguided, led by ignorance because the prevalent source of hatred is ignorance, and they just don’t understand the world so they need to be educated”, said Kate in response to my questions

Dean,18, media studies

“I’m against Donald Trump, I don’t agree with views or how reacted in times of need like how he reacted to the recent las vegas shootings, I also don’t like his language”

so there we have it, peoples opinions of the political atmosphere as of now.

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