Author: Allen Bobinac

After mankind has survived countless wars, racism, slavery and alcoholism now we have another challenge to overcome.pastorpaul
According to Pastor Paul Bagley, the zombie apocalypse is already happening. In his podcast, he tells stories of the people who have witnessed these events first hand. A group of people walking in Jerusalem witnessed a zombie attacking a child. He says these creatures are humans being resurrected in the form of zombies. They are a product of demonic manifestations in humans and they have super strength and super speed. Jesus had to deal with them in the ancient times and he’s showing proof of this in the bible. In the ancient times Jesus came across a fisherman with an unclear spirit, Mark 5;3 ” He who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him not with chains”.

Dominica_Arguello_Tombstone“We’re witnessing wildfires burning out of control, we’re witnessing wells running dry, we’re witnessing all kinds of different apocalyptic events – earthquakes and different things;”.

Pastor Paul has been a pastor for the last 32 years in the Starke County area of Indiana and currently co-pastors with his father, Charles Begley in Indiana. Pastor Paul is reaching the world through his internet ministry on Youtube as Paulbegley34 which has millions of views and thousands of subscribers. “One day Jesus will come back to save us from these demonic creatures and then there will be just one religion.”

So this Halloween if you see a zombie walking the streets, look closer.
Are they real?

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