AUTHOR: Noel Murphy

Its the topic of the moment but isn’t it funny how people are so scared to talk about it?
This struck home with me a few days ago when I was enjoying a beverage after college with a fellow journalism student. We were discussing a number of topics including but not limited to the price of light bulbs when the topic of abortion came up.


Normally I’d run to the hills after even hearing the word, but this time I said “No. I’m sticking this one out” So we began the conversation, the 8th amendment, the upcoming referendum, how its the last resort for some women, we talked about it all. Even the actual physical process. Suddenly from behind us came a howling drunken shriek “You cant talk about abortion in a pub. Anyway, men shouldn’t be talking about it anyway!!!” I asked the lady in question why that was exactly, and all she could reply was “It’s not on!!”
Is it not on?
So we cant talk about one of the most important subjects to impact this country?

And especially if you happen to be the owner of a penis?

Surely actually talking about the thing might maybe clear up a few things you would think…..BUT NOT IN IRELAND!!!

“Mary. Have you heard about this abortion thing?”

“Now I told you before never to mention the A-word in this house, now get out and wash your ears”
It’s actually fucking depressing.

It seems that despite our history, and ya know the 700 years of “English oppression” we haven’t actually grown up as a nation. We have skirted around this issue for so long now that it actually turned into a joke. We are the laughing stock of Europe. Now I could blame poor old Eamon De Valera for putting the amendment in the constitution but it was a different time and different country. It was a very new one. So no, I don’t blame poor DEV I blame every other successive government and yes THE PEOPLE who voted them in.
It only takes the life of young women with so much to offer this world before we finally stand up and take note.



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