Author: Mark Dowd


Dead People Mysteriously Support The FCC’s Attack On Net Neutrality

A significant amount of support for the abolition of net neutrality has mysteriously appeared on the FCC’s website. I say “mysteriously” because the majority of support has come from people who are, well, they’re dead…


New study is the first to discover the type of stem cell that is behind the gecko’s ability to regrow its tail, a finding that has implications for spinal cord treatment in humans.

The Gecko’s ability to regrow its tail has, until now, been somewhat of a mystery. A study published by researchers from the University of Guelph has revealed the stem cell that seems to be the catalyst of the gecko’s regenerative abilities. Regenerative medicine, if understood, could have profound impacts on healthcare. If we could understand the regenerative processes that some reptiles and amphibians use to regenerate limbs, we may be able to use these processes to heal significant limb damage in humans.


An example of the regenerative abilities of a Newt can be seen here:



Drop test concludes iPhone X is the “most breakable iPhone” — glass back and high repair costs could lead to frustration.

After a series of drop tests, the new iPhone X has been deemed the “most breakable iPhone” yet.

Algorithm Predicts if Twitter Users Are Becoming Mentally Ill

A supervised learning algorithm has learned how to predict whether a Twitter user will become depressed based on their tweets alone. The algorithm was able to accurately detect signs of depression 100 to 200 days before the depressed individuals were clinically diagnosed.


Killer robots’ that can decide whether people live or die must be banned, warn hundreds of experts.

Artificial Intelligence researchers have signed an open letter addressed to the Canadian and Australian governments. The letter advocates the banning of lethal autonomous weaponry and implores the governments of Canada and Australia to support the call to ban the weapons.

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