AUTHOR: Stephen Clery

Sick of your mother telling you to put down your games and study? Well now perhaps you don’t have to. Many US colleges are offering scholarship schemes to students which will allow them to study for free and play competitive online games such as League of Legends, CS:GO and DOTA for the University in question.

The first US college to roll out this plan is Robert Morris University In Chicago, Illinois in 2016 and will equip students to play games and study at the university.

Ever since, other universities are beginning to follow suit, as around 16 more universities around the United States have begun to offer E-Sport scholarship programs in the wake of its immense popularity of E-Sports in the US and Asia

Many of you may ask, “how is this a sport?”

On the board of the Olympics, it has been a serious consideration for them to include E-Sports in their list of sports for the event. E-sports is about overcoming competition and thinking in a tactical way, similar to many similar sports in the world today on the Olympic schedule.


The Scholarship was established by Kurt Melcher; the Athletic Coordinator and E-Sports coordinator in Robert Morris University

“I’ve been an athletic director and Soccer coach for over 20 years, it’s my job to provide people with the best platform for our E-Sport coaches and athletes to perform well” states Melcher in an interview sponsoring the Universities program


With more and more colleges and universities opening up to the prospect of teams of E-Sports across the world it could soon be its very own multi-corporation entity, with multiple sponsors being pulled in for advertisements. Already Monster Energy drinks sponsor many professional E-Sports players, along with video game companies giving players like Sonic Fox full endorsement.

With what the future holds for E-Sports competitively, we don’t know but were extremely excited

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