AUTHOR: Allen Bobinac 

Built as a giant tomb for Egypt’s pharaohs 4.500 years ago, the Great Pyramid of Giza has stood the test of time being the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.

The world is full of strange people that would google, and NOT surprisingly so there more Conspiracy theorists than there are theories.


While I’m writing I feel pain in my eyes. Last night I was in the woods and I got blinded by really bright lights, that were coming from an Unidentified flying object, or was that just the alcohol. Anyway, good thing I ran away, I don’t want to get abducted by aliens. AGAIN!!!!!!!!


There are many theories surrounding the origin of the pyramids, one of the most popular ones is that the structure had been built by extraterrestrial beings that are not from this planet. 1500 year before the invention of the wheel, this massive structure was built in the desert in today’s Egypt, and there is no proof who built it, and no one can’t even say for sure where did they get the stones from.


An ancient papyrus held in the Cairo Museum in Egypt and dating back around 3,000 years and it says that the God Amun Ra had sailed down from the stars. A race of gods came from the sky and built the structure. It’s told that 4,000 years ago, the pyramids looked much different, they were covered in polished limestone and gloved in the Egyptian sun, resembling brilliant light forms dropped into the desert from the sky.


Advocates of the “Ancient Alien” theory point to numerous different types of evidence that the Earth was visited by extraterrestrials in the distant past. One of their arguments is based on the apparent alignment of certain ancient structures with stars and constellations. Some theorists say that Giza is Modern-Day Atlantis. It’s a well-known fact that ancient sites like the Nazca LinesMachu Picchu and Easter Island are geographically aligned.

“It’s possible, and I don’t say 100%, that it’s Atlantis – when Atlantis sunk they went to another place, probably Egypt and they had the technology to build those pyramids”. Gerry Cannon


One of the theories is that the pyramids were built 12,000 years ago and the Egyptians weren’t there the time. This would mean that the pyramids and sphinxes were built before the start of the Ice Age. Much of this belief comes from the fact that it’s believed that the erosion on the Sphinx was not caused by wind and sand but by water, and there hasn’t been that volume of water in Egypt for at least 10,000 years.

 “The theories are, and I can believe them, that there was some advanced civilisation – and I can’t say they are 100 per cent right – that came to this planet tens of thousands of years ago”. Gerry Cannon


These are all theories and assumptions but we can never say anything with absolute certainty.




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