Author: Dylan McBennett

If you’re reading this I must warn you, if you have not watched up until Season 2 Episode 9 of Stranger Things then click off the article before I ruin you’re life.
What was Season 2 like?
Fantastic. Everything I could have hoped for when it came out. I had forgotten about Stranger Things. The release date between the first season and season 2 was that long that I nearly forgot it existed, but when it did pop up on Netflix my excitement rose to new levels.
We were introduced almost immediately to a new character and a likable one at that. With the disappearance of Eleven, the boys needed a new girl character, a new love interest. Step forward Mad Max, a red-haired girl who was really good at arcade games. Dustin and Lucas become drawn to the girl, who has a sense of mystery about her. The introduction of Max also heralds another new character, her brother-in-law. Billy Hargrove is a no-nonsense character. Immediately we see Billy as a mean character, stern and very harsh with his sister. We later find out the reasoning behind this when Billy is confronted by his father later in the season.
We are also introduced to ” Eight”, very early on. At the start of season 2, we are shown a group of bandits being chased by the police. In the car is an Indian Girl, the girl has “8”, tattooed on her wrist, the same tattoo that Eleven has except for the number.

Eight showcases her abilities by causing a bridge to fall down around the police, ensuring that she and her bandits got away safe and sound and highlighting very early on that Eleven wasn’t alone.
The return of Eleven.
At the end of Season one, we saw Eleven battle the beast that had been a plague on the town of Hawkins for so long. When the monster attacks Hawkins high school, Eleven steps in to save the day. In what was arguably the saddest scene in season one, Eleven turned to Mike before disposing of the monster, whispering,
Eleven then vanquished the monster, also causing herself to disappear.
At the start of season 2, we see where Eleven disappeared to. The Upside Down. Eleven was taken to the Upside Down after killing the monster, she found her way out inside the school but by the time she did Mike and CO had already begun their grievances. Eleven went back to the lab, back home as she called it. Jim Hopper took control of her from there and hid her in a cabin in the woods until he felt she was ready. That didn’t stop Mike from searching for Eleven every day, not letting go of the love he has for her.

The Upside Down Won’t let go of Will.
The end of Season One saw the return of Will Byers. Will was trapped in the upside down for the whole of season one, and any ideas that Will was done with the upside down were dispelled in the first few minutes of season two.

Throughout season 2 Will has continuous episodes. But in reality, they aren’t really episodes. Will is being pulled into the upside down by an entity that wants to use him. This entity becomes known as the “Shadow Monster”.


The Shadow Monster haunts Will for the entirety of season 2, eventually taking him over in Episode 4 ” Will the Wise”.

One of the most important relationships in Season 2 is Dustin’s relationship with his “Pollywog”, from the upside down. In Episode 3 “The Pollywog” Dustin finds a small creature rummaging around his trash.

Dustin, fascinated by his finding takes Dart under his wing. Dustin puts Dart in his turtle cage and begins to feed him nougat. Originally, to myself and I’m sure everyone else, Dart looked harmless. Even though it was obvious he was from the upside down, I didn’t feel as if Dart would do any harm. How wrong was I. Dart begins to shed and become bigger overnight while Dustin sleeps. Dustin then comes home to Dart, fully grown, chomping on his cat.

Dustin tricks Dart down to his basement and employs the help of Steve Harrington to try deal with him. Dart escapes and ends up being the leader of the shadow monsters army.

The Nancy Jonathan Steve Love Triangle, Steve Becomes a hero
Season 2 signals the end of Steve and Nancy. Steve, who has a complete personality change in season 2 seems more interested in Nancy then she of him. And that is brought to the fore when Nancy tells Steve she doesn’t love him. The pair fight at a Halloween party in which Nancy is drunk at.

Harrington becomes a fan-favorite in Season 2. Harrington becomes the hero, putting his life on the line for Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will. Jonathan grows as a character and his relationship with Nancy flourishes.
The end of season 2
Eleven meets Eight and her mother. We finally find out what the words Eleven’s mother is saying mean.
“Breathe. Sunflower. Rainbow. Three to the right, four to the left. 450.”
Breathe is the last thing Terry, Eleven’s mother, hears before she goes into labor. Sunflower is what she sees as soon as she wakes up. Rainbow is in relation to the room where she found Eleven and Eight years after she was told Eleven didn’t make it through childbirth. Four to the left is the combination she used to bring a gun into Hawkins lab. 450 refers to the number of volts Doctor Brenner administered to Terry in Electroshock Therapy.
Will breaks free from the shadow monster. Joyce and Jonathan free Will from the grip of the shadow monster by turning up the heat. The shadow monster likes it cold, so Will is brought out to Hopper’s house and effectively burned by heaters until the shadow monster gives in.
Bob dies. A season 2 favorite, Joyce’s boyfriend Bob is killed by a demo dog. Bob tries to make a break for it in Hawkins lab, but as he moved he makes a broom fall to the floor. Bob dies right before the eyes of Joyce and Hopper.


Season 2 ends with Lucas and Max furthering their romance with a kiss at the school dance. Mike and Eleven also kiss for the second time.

But the most powerful scene of the final episode is Dustin crying having been rejected by all the girls. It’s a scene I’ll take to the grave with me.

The season ends with the Shadow Monster looming over Hawkins, but who is he looking for?

What can we expect from Season 3?
Expect the Shadow Monster back, and expect him to go for El. He wasn’t aware of her before but now he is. He’s aware of her power and will be looking to take her out.
Will won’t be safe. Do we really think a bit of heat can solve all Will’s problems? A heater can really cure the curse Will was under. Let’s be honest here, Will hasn’t seen the end of the upside down or the shadow monster.
Mike and Eleven may be together come season 3, and expect it to be in a year in the future. The writers, The Duffer brother left us a clue at the end of a scene with Hopper and Dr. Owens.
There’s the clue, Hopper has to keep Eleven quiet for a year. Expect the story to be another year in the future, just like the beginning of season 2.
Eight will be involved in one way or another. She must be, the Duffer brothers even think so.
It feels weird to me that we wouldn’t solve [her] storyline. I would say chances are very high she comes back.
Personally, as of yet, I don’t see where Eight fits into the narrative, but I’m sure the Duffer brothers will find a way to link her into the storyline.
Season 3 may come out late 2018 or early 2019. Season 3 may be the second last season in the whole series, with the Duffer brothers previously stating it will be a 4 and done ordeal.
“We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross Duffer told the magazine, which featured the show on its latest cover.
In summation, the shadow monster WILL BE BACK. Will is not safe, neither is Eleven. Season 3 is hotting up to be the best out of the 3, let’s hope it lives up to expectations

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