Author: Noel Murphy


I’m not one for arty-farty stuff. In fact, I despise it. I’ve worked in one form or the other in the theatre trade for many years, and I’ve yet to come across an “experimental” theatre production that I truly enjoyed.


This night was not one of those times.

So I suppose I’ll tell you a little about the Collective Theatre Company. Set up in 2016 by Luke Collins and Ian Antony. Its mission is to develop new theatre and their motto is:

ART must be accessible for all.
ART must be affordable for all.
ART is activism & the property of every citizen.

CREATIVITY is a community of activity & action!

As well as theatre they also run open mic nights for musicians and singer-songwriters.

Collective Productions-Archaic

Four brand new short plays about Acceptance, torment, turmoil and love
Shown in the International Bar, Dublin City Center November 15-18th…..


Hayley, a strong-willed woman goes to the local parish’s speed dating event in support of a friend who just got out of a rough relationship. “Bit of a catastrophe really”.

She meets Jack a psychoanalyst in training but an expert tarot card reader. 
Jack seems to know a lot about Hayleys past but with his psychoanalyst training is Jack really reading the cards for Hayley or cold reading her? And is he there for more than “the right kind of connection… I guess.”

Speed Tarot

Claire Harrison as Hayley
Luke Corcoran as Jack
Directed by Luke Collins
Written by Luke Corcoran

A truly unique piece of work that one does not often see the like of on a Dublin stage. Well acted and directed




At the wake of his late wife’s funeral (Shelley) Aaron a working-class Dublin man prays to God for the first time in years for guidance but is swiftly interrupted by his brother Danny a devout atheist and Jack of all trades.

The brothers play a game of flipping beer mats mixed in with truth or dare. Does Aaron really want the answers to his questions? Will Danny answer honestly and truthfully? “I’m still in the middle of a prayer aren’t I?” “Aw yeah, I see we’ve got a special guest referee!”.

Luke Collins as Aaron
Jason Deeney as Danny
Written by Luke Corcoran
Directed by Luke Corcoran

A powerful piece of family drama. A well-written script that shows the strengths and weakness of family bond at a time of grief.

It kept the audience in a constant state of unease with every flip of the beermat.



Black and White

A look inside the inner workings of a too common yet not talked about the mechanism of mental suffering.

WHITE after some struggle has switched places with her abuser BLACK who is now in the torturer’s chair.

WHITE interrogates BLACK using the same methods of torture he used on her to get to the root of his betrayal.

“Who sent you?”
“You know who!”
“If I fucking knew that-”


Rachel Walshe as WHITE
Manuel Pombo as BLACK
Written and directed by Luke Corcoran

Another powerful piece. A claustrophobic piece that makes the audience feel very uneasy.

Which is always good.

The play on good and evil was very cleverly done. Great performances from Rachael Walsh and Manual Pombo (Pombo’s voice is amazing)



Retired legendary silver screen actress Heather Jones has shocked the world by retiring to a small parish in rural Ireland. Well known for her on and off screen moments of sexual liberation she evokes a certain “desire” in the parish that is gaining momentum and turning into a crisis.

Dispatched by the powers that be fresh-faced priest DONNELLY is sent to the parish to help “quell” these desires and “move the desires of the parish towards God”. He meets face to face with Heather after the funeral of his predecessor who died of a heart attack while hearing one of many confessions.


Joan Fleetwood as Heather Jones
Barry mcBrien as Father Donnelly
Written and directed by Luke Corcoran

My favourite of the productions. A very well written comedy in a kind of Arthur Miller style.

Great comic timing and a clear chemistry between the two actors. A very well written script that had the audience in stitches.

But as well as comedy there was a sad lining running through the piece…..a kind of “What if” feeling.



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