Author: Dylan McBennett

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid.

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Christmas is approaching and everyone loves a good Christmas movie or even a show. From the Polar Express to the Royal Family Christmas special, everyone gets excited when these shows and movies hit the screens. But what’s our favorites? What Christmas movies touch our heartstrings the most. Let’s take a look/

5. The Polar Express

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A touching movie, arguably the best of all time from a children’s point of view. The cartoonized Christmas film is all about belief, belief in the big man who is Santa Claus. Throughout his journey, the young boy see’s some of the wonders of the world. Aboard this festive train, which is fueled solely by belief, the boy sees the Nothern Lights, he meets Santa Claus. Along the way, the boy meets different people, who further his belief in the big man. The film is aimed at kids who have lost belief, and the message to these kids is effectively keeping believing. Keep believing in the big man because he wants you to believe. The film is the perfect festive movie to get you in the mood for the festive season. The constant idea of snow and darkness creates the perfect backdrop to what many views as the perfect Christmas. You know what they say.

Snow is fallin, all around us.

4. The Santa Clause.

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Another timeless Christmas film, and one of my first memories of Christmas. This film gives you that Santy fever. The warm rumble in your stomach, the excited flutter in your body. That constant whisper that never get’s old, “He’s coming, he’s coming”. Santa Clause the movie is one of the best of all time. Divorced Dad Scott, has custody of his son on Christmas Eve. Scott hears someone on the roof, the person ends up being Santa Claus, the big guy falls off the roof and dies. Scott and his son are transported to the North Pole, and Scott becomes Santa Claus, Scott thinks it’s a dream, but when puts on weight, grows a beard and returns to the North Pole, he soon see’s it wasn’t a dream at all.

Again Santa Clause gives you that timeless Christmas feeling. If you’re an adult, you get the nostalgia. Santa Clause, the Christmas tree, the Christmas feeling. It all comes flooding back. Sneaking down early, thinking your family can’t hear you. The belief in your stomach for Santa Claus, something you’ve never believed so much in you’re life.

If you’re a kid, you feel all them feelings already, but the Santa Clause movie just rubber stamps them even further into your soul. Santa Clause the movie is an all-time classic, and a Christmas movie that will live on forever.

3. Elf

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Will Ferrell’s finest hour. A Christmas masterclass. Elf is a film about Buddy, who was accidentally transported to the North Pole when he was younger and raised by Elves. Buddy returns to New York City years on, in search of his father. His father turns out to be a mean businessman by the name of Walter. The two try to spark a relationship at Christmas time.

Elf is one of these great Christmas comedies. A family movie to sit around a fire with popcorn and indulge in laughter. Will Ferrell is the perfect man to play the character of Buddy, and he’s played similar characters since. Stepbrothers, Get Hard, he plays this tall curly oblivious guy who is so oblivious that it’s hilarious.

Elf has a strong theme of family throughout. Family reconciliation. The film shows that anyone can pull together during the festive season, even the most polarised of people.

2. The Grinch Steals Christmas.

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An all-time classic, the term still lives on until this day. When someone is seeing having a bad time on Christmas, they’re labeled a Grinch, and it all originated from this old-school classic. Played by Jim Carrey, the Grinch hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the town below his home in the mountains. But the Grinch encounters a hitch in his plans when he meets the lovely Cindy Lou. The Grinch attempts to steal all the presents from the town of Whoville, but once he wakes up the morning after to a chorus of joyous singing, his heart grows three sizes.

This is one that really gets you going at Christmas time. Again it’s the dark nature of the film, the colour that is adapted throughout that gives you that proper Christmas feeling. It also shows that not everyone enjoys Christmas, despite you or I loving the festivities, there are many a man and woman out there that despise the holidays.

1. Home Alone

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The single greatest Christmas film/films of all time. Macaulay Culkin is immortalized due to these films. Home Alone 1 is arguably the most well-known film of all time, not just Christmas but of all time. The story sets a young boy left at home mistakenly for Christmas by his family as they set off to Paris. The boy’s house comes under attack from two burglars, and Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) does his utmost to prevent them from succeeding. In a feel-good comedic classic the youngest of the three comes out on top, making a show of the two burglars in the process.

The first memories for a lot at Christmas. Kids felt close to the story due to the age of Kevin, he was between 8 and 9, and had been left at home alone. This could happen to any kid and thus the story resignated with a lot of people, and it’s sheer brilliance in the comedic sense allowed adults and kids alike to sit down around a table and get a kick out of a timeless classic.

That has been the 5 best Christmas movies of all time. Leave a comment and tell me you’re top 5, Thank you!

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