Author: Allen Bobinac


Have you ever seen a movie and completely forgot that you exist because you are so focused on the movie that nothing else exists, completely identifying with the protagonist.  The movie ends and you’re back in your own reality, in your own life. “This is your life and its ending one moment at a time.” Those are the words of Tyler Durden an alter ego of the narrator in the 1999’s cult movie fight club.

Too many people are paying the rent on a crappy apartment they hate, paying a mortgage to a bank who’s ripping them off, dealing with people they don’t like, getting up before the sunrise and turning up on time to a job that bores the hell out of them. Life after life being wasted, praying to an invisible man in the sky in hope for a better life after death.

You see I say “Screw the System” and screw the consumer way of life, I say let go of everything and go with the flow. Nothing is certain in life besides paying  tax.


As I was standing there at the bus stop that sunny day,  a kid I use to know walked out and asked me “where are you going?” Throwing my suitcase in the boot of the bus I said “somewhere”. I got on the bus and sailed into the sunset.  Same night while sleeping in a bus station I got approached by a young skinny guy who needed some money to get a ticket home, that’s when life taught me a valuable lesson as the guy departed with a larger sum of my money. It’s the law of the jungle and every man for himself.


After a few days of running around Europe, I got off the plane in Dublin Ireland. I knew absolutely about this country, I got on the first bus I’ve seen and ended up in the airport parking lot. The next day I got on the right bus and the first thing  I saw when I got off t was a homeless guy sleeping on the side of the road. That came as a big shock to me, I’ve never seen a homeless person in my life. I sat on the ground and eat a sandwich that I had.  Next, to me there was a nightclub full of young people, it must have been a Friday night.  While sitting there I said, “what the **** do I do now”?

That same night I found a place next to a canal, wow this is beautiful I thought.  I was reading a book on a bench, don’t remember which one was it, doesn’t matter, I needed anything to help me to escape from the reality. I found a spot between two trees where I decided to spend the night. While laying there I felt the pressure in my chest, you know when you’re afraid, nervous and anxious. I woke up a few hours later waiting for a sunrise, that day was the sort of day where the sun only comes up to humiliate you. I wanted to skip this day I wanted to skip every day. One day was passing after another but in my had one day was like a month, the first two weeks felt like a year.


One day I was going somewhere and or about twenty minutes everywhere I went I saw this guy, I thought to myself “is he following me, maybe I’m just being paranoid?” but when he approached me I knew I wasn’t. Since the moment I’ve met him he was creeping me out he was very friendly, too friendly. Having no friends I went out with him to a cafe a few times. He gave me a speech on how souls are equally old or something odd like that. He gave me he’s number topped up my phone, to his surprise I did not answer his calls ever again!

“One of the cool stories I have in my opinion is when I threw away everything I owned away to be able to fit all my new stuff in a backpack”

Soon I found myself living in a world that’s out the ordinary, living in a massive warehouse ran by a guy with a hoarding problem. Fairly quickly I got the hang of how the city works, from going to street markets selling second-hand bicycles to moving garbage from one side of the warehouse to the other. With more and more people coming in to help out,  I realized that the whole situation I found myself in was madness. With no other choice, I was forced to move on.


As time progressed I tried everything in order to try to get rich, I was pretending to be from Norway and able speak multiple languages.  “Abandon all hope” was the scenario when I decided to move up the ladder and try my chances in the world of journalism.


Being able to spend time by yourself is necessary when moving to a new place. Think about it, how many people find you cool? How many of them want to hang out with you and how many of them have the schedule that aligns with yours? This has to be taken into the equation when moving to a new a place.13507284_299596800384638_3659977259925393390_n

It’s just a matter of time before things fall into place and I feel at the deepest level that chasing things that make you feel empty is pointless because the time we have is worth way more than any amount of money in the bank. And there is no bigger adventure that exploring the unknown.


….and In my opinion similar to the plot twist in the movie it will give you the knowledge to unlock the best version of yourself.


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