This article is one of a series of short interviews with the keynote speakers at Coláiste Dhúlaigh’s Keyframe event. Over the last five years, we’ve seen a series of animation masterclasses by industry professionals aimed at CD students.

This year the event has expanded to include not just animation experts, but representatives from a variety of media industries, including; sound design, advertising, tv production, photography, and documentary.

Keyframe is a chance for current students to get an insight into the industries they’ll soon be entering. The event is also a chance for Dhúlaigh alumni to return and show what they’ve been doing since they left. We at the college are proud to say that 11 of this year’s speakers are past pupils.


Deirdre Behan, Chief Animator on Dangermouse & Director in Boulder Media.

Talk Title:  Investigating 2D special effects in Animation.

Sarah and Paula were in attendance in Coolock Library to hear Deirdre’s presentation and also spoke with Deirdre afterwards about her career.


Paula Wiseman:   Hi Deirdre. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, you gave a really interesting talk.  How do you feel it went?

Deirdre BehanYeah, I think it went really well. It’s great to do an overview of what goes on in Effects Animation, especially 2D animation and it’s great to be introduced to how Effects Animation works in Animation productions.

PW:  So, apart from being invited to come and talk today, why did you accept the invitation to come and speak?

DBI accepted the invitation to come and speak because I thought it would be great to introduce people to how 2D Animation works.

PW:  How do you feel that your industry is changing within this digital age?

DBI feel that the Industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and I think there’s great interest in both 2D and 3D Animation.  It’s great to cover all aspects of Production from background to character animation, effects animation, right through to completion.

PW:  When you were speaking, you mentioned travelling.. you said you had to uproot to America, is that all part of it or just a necessary evil? You go where the work is…

DBTravelling for me, was really interesting to do…it was a great way of going to new countries, learning new processes, meeting new people.  Just because it was in animation, it made it even better.  I could work and travel the world and it was just fantastic.

PW:  Did you choose Animation, or did Animation choose you?

DBWhen it comes to Animation, I think Animation chose me.  I went to college, not quite sure what I wanted to study artwise,  and the Animation course was in Ballyfermot College.  I ended up doing that for the year and that was how I started.  I never looked back or regretted doing it.  I love doing it.

PW:  When you left school, was it something you always wanted to do?

DB:   When I left school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  I knew I wanted to do something in Art.  It was a toss-up between Graphics and Fine Art, and then the Animation course came up in Ballyfermot and that’s when I decided to have a bash at that.  I love it, I absolutely love it.

PW:  If you could give the students here today some advice, what would it be?

DBMy advice to students here today would be to work hard, be enthusiastic, learn as much as you can, ask questions and just try hard.  You’ll get to where you want to go.

PW:  Thanks for talking to us today, Deirdre. For more information you can check us out on our Colaiste Dhulaigh Facebook and Twitter pages or on

Have a listen to our audio interview with Deirdre here. 


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