Author: Ann Maples


A lot has changed since I was a young singleton in Dublin in the Noughties. You walk out of your house down the street meet mates fancy a guy and bang you’re kissing each other on the cold corner wall. Wow, what a change since then. Online chatting, dating, sexting.  It’s all out there guys. Let’s take a look at this world from a women’s perspective?



Princess PK-online


Some dating sites we pay for a membership to join. Seemingly there is a big difference between free dating sites and paid membership. The idea of paying to find a partner was very foreign to most singletons back in early 2000.

The majority of single people back then would have been appalled at the thoughts of paying to chat a potential partner on a computer keyboard not to mention pay for it. You have the option of free sites, an underground of not much vetting, a judgement call completely, a more dangerous route to many a widow or widower out there in the internet world with life savings at the touch of the same keyboard they are on getting wooed by a scam artist on

It’s a fine line.

It’s like chatting up a stranger at the bus stop. We would never do this would we? So why do we do it online?

What we perceive as real might not be real online.Its a vast network of chatting, dating and a lot of sex literally thrown at you. I am exploring the possibilities of love in the middle of this jungle and taking a peek into the mindset of what people think other people want on a dating site. How to tell the difference between genuine and just online.



She who pays wins-is that it?

Paid against unpaid?Are these two different worlds in online dating can I afford elite singles as opposed to a site where one could get scammed or hurt?

Why is your site free?

What is the success rate of your paid site and how do you regulate it ?

Online today. Gone tomorrow??

Is it love or lust pain or pleasure? What are you looking for ?

What are people yearning for behind the facade or is it all one ?

Why do people stay online and come back for more?

Are we addicted to the ego massage of compliments and lies people tell each other to get the end goal ?

To be loved or not to be?

Who is turning to the keyboard for love as opposed to who is on for lust ?

Is this a cover for lonely souls in a busy world of appearances and the politically correct environment we live in today?

Are people just looking for love here or is that a too simplistic approach?

Did you meet your soul mate today?

Can we say soulmate? Is it to much pressure on the heart?

Will they tap away online and then run away and disappear?

Is getting ghosted or catfished a life-changing experience?




Starting with the high end paying for a date and looking at profiles of a professional nature you might go here

If you are gonna go for a free dating site the world is your oyster but beware your a fish in an ocean guys .You might tackle plenty of fish here .

Or maybe your a bit more of an adventure type of person no strings attached no fishing here just straight down to it this might be your preference



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