This article is one of a series of short interviews with the keynote speakers at Coláiste Dhúlaigh’s Keyframe event. Over the last five years, we’ve seen a series of animation masterclasses by industry professionals aimed at CD students.

This year the event has expanded to include not just animation experts, but representatives from a variety of media industries, including; sound design, advertising, tv production, photography, and documentary.

Keyframe is a chance for current students to get an insight into the industries they’ll soon be entering. The event is also a chance for Dhúlaigh alumni to return and show what they’ve been doing since they left. We at the college are proud to say that 11 of this year’s speakers are past pupils.


Leon Elliott, Production Manager in Boulder Media.

Talk Title: 2D Animation Pipeline – A Love Story

James and Adam attended the Coolock Library to hear Leon’s presentation and also spoke with Leon afterwards about his career.


James Kelly: Hi Elliot, Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, you gave a really interesting talk.  How do you feel it went?

Leon Elliot: And People knew a lot more than I thought they would even though they are animation students a lot of people don’t give a damn about 2D pipelines, so it was good.

JK: So, apart from being invited to come and talk today, why did you accept the invitation to come and speak?

LE: Em, I think there needs to be more info out for people and too, I want create enthusiasm for the production side of things as people tend to lead toward the creative stuff and there is kind of a lack of good production people at the moment and I figure if I do these talks and teaching I can build it up and we will get some good candidates for future production and staff and opportunities to build it up from the ground up.

JK: How is your industry changing within this expanding digital age ?

LE: Em, well I only came into the industry in the digital age really, the biggest change being, harmony and toon boom and I was in the first studio that took that on in 2012 and 2013 because we figured that the industry like Disney, etc was moving away from Flash to harmony, Toon Boom harmony, we wanted to adapt to that and It didn’t go very well for that studio, Boulder took that on and developed it like most the big studios, 2D studios will use harmony, and I think the digital age is here but its just the changes and adapting to it that’s important but the skill levels and skills sets that are acquired are the same.

JK: You were talking about coming into the industry late without any background in animation, how did that appear or how did you get into it that way ?

LE: Em, I did an internship I worked effectually for free for nine months and It was pretty much a coordinator job and it was a small section of a larger production, international co production and then the same studio after that had a project coming up a full script to screen production and they promoted me to production manager and I have just gone from different projects to projects and ended up in boulder nearly three years ago that’s just what my job it’s just production manager.

JK:  If you could give some advice to the students today, what would it be ?

LE: Want to do it, leave college with confidence but not cocky, I want to see enthusiastic people there the ones who will make it there the ones who will work hard work ethic, I don’t care what your talent I would rather get someone who’s willing to be there and wants to be there and wants work hard over someone who has a bad attitude but is very talented, that’s yeah I would encourage anyone to stick with it and don’t feel entitled and just work for what you want to get out of your career.

JK:  Thanks for talking to us today. For more information you can check us out on our Colaiste Dhulaigh Facebook and Twitter pages or on

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