Author: Allen Bobinac

I have never been a big fan of social media and I always keep hearing about this thing called Instagram. I have googled “what is Instagram”. What I have learned about it from reading a few minutes about it is that it’s the second most popular social platform after Facebook and that it’s the easiest way to show off your wealth, relationships, six pack or what you’ve had for breakfast.


Basically what women follow on Instagram are other women which is same as men.


The most popular people on Instagram in Ireland are as it follows.

Niall Horan an ex-member of One Direction is far most the popular person on Instagram in Ireland. The reason that Niall is so popular is the fact that his Instagram is the same as any other regular person despite being so successful. One of the examples is that he always looks excited and takes a photo when he meets a famous person. Intentionally on unintentionally Niall Horan did something right.

Following: 20 million


Conor Mcgregor the two-time UFC champ has gained a cult following on his Instagram. He is a perfect example of being in everyone’s face. In his fitted suits; driving Lamborghini’s and posing next to private jets. He quickly gains massive attention with his posts with the world wondering what is next for this notorious Irishman.

Following: 11 million


Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer from Northern Ireland who is a multiple time world champion and is one of the most elite golfers ever. The golfer shares photos from tournaments and his merchandise and like I have mentioned earlier, photos of his breakfast!

Following 1.4 million


The most popular women actually takes number 6 spot on the list of the most popular people in Ireland that being Una Healy, an Irish singer-songwriter, musician and television presenter. She posts photos of her family, he concerts and her attending glamorous events.


Laura Whitmore is an Irish television presenter and model based in London, she has a big following among the women thanks to her stunning style and of course her gigs on MTV, BBC, and ITV.

Following: 523k


Georgia Penna is one those personalities that is followed by men as much as much as women. I would say that her Instagram is made to every woman to feel insecure and every man to leave a comment.


“Instagram was created because there was no single place dedicated to giving your mobile photos a place to live and to be seen”.

Kevin Systrom

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