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Category: Human Interest

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The Family Fall Out

Yet often, family ties are more fraught this time of year, where there’ll be no mid trifle banter to speak of at all. Empty seats at the table. This is where there the humour dries up, and questions must be asked. Why?

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Impending Doom – Anxiety

Early July 2013. Late at night, I wander to bed, nothing major mounting on my mind. In dimmed light, book in hand, I set about escaping to Galway to follow the tale of two orphaned children, Flight Of The Doves. Great book.Rock n roll….. of all the things to trigger a full-blown panic attack, a fucking novel does me in.

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Does She Take Sugar?

”Does he/she take sugar?’. A simple question that captures the frustrations of the disabled. It makes reference to the third person, when in fact the he or she in question is present and capable of speaking for themselves.