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Stephen Clery

Bio: Resident shitlord, resident this guy, will write articles for clout and a gf.   If you have a story for Stephen put ‘Stephen’ in the subject bar and email him at:

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Ronan Gaine

Bio: Grade-A sport binger, the type of guy that would miss his wedding rather than miss a game.   Social Media Links: I put most of my sport posts up on facebook   

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Lee Duffy

Bio: Another football fanatic, would sell my limbs for the boys in green. Social media links: Don’t use it often, but find me on twitter @leeduffy96 Email:

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Noel Murphy

Bio: I don’t belong on this planet. Waiting for the mothership to come and save me from the monotony of 3rd wave feminism. Social Media Contact Noel on facebook. twitter: @noelmmurphy    

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Dylan McBennett

Bio: Dylan: The hardest hitting 145-pound journalist, the real hardest hitting 145er, this guy plagiarises articles, when I write articles they’re full of facts. Who the F is that guy. Social Media links: