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Body language

There are 6909 living languages in the world today, despite that there is one language that we all speak without even noticing it. We all send signals to other people and we can’t help it, and we do it through body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and loudness, hand gestures, and posture. When talking to people we receive a lot of information non-verbally. Knowing this you can tell what people are telling you without even knowing it.

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Fanny packs are a must have this summer.

If you pay attention to the world around you, you might have noticed that fanny packs are making a comeback. Who would like to carry a bag or have a pocket full of accessories that we need for daily life?. If you are asking the same questions I am, I have answers!!!

Your prayers have been answered in the form of a fanny pack.

Politics 2

The politics of madness which actually make more sense than the poxy politics of realism

Anyway this week, the editor took me off my medication and asked to write about politics. Yea. I got bored too. So I’m going to try to make this as entertaining as possible. As always enjoy, and If you don’t……I’m sure Joe Duffy will listen because Noely bloody won’t. This week I’m delving into the world of politics, and the importance and traditions of spoiling your vote.

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Jon Jones may not be banned by USADA.

The Jon Jones situation does not seem to be dying down, and USADA has added more fuel to the fire by suggesting he may escape a ban. Jones tested positive for metabolites of the anabolic steroid Turnibol on July 29th. This was after he knocked out Daniel Cormier to regain his light-heavyweight world title. A USADA spokesperson has come out and stated that Jones may escape a ban for his charges.