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Impending Doom – Anxiety

Early July 2013. Late at night, I wander to bed, nothing major mounting on my mind. In dimmed light, book in hand, I set about escaping to Galway to follow the tale of two orphaned children, Flight Of The Doves. Great book.Rock n roll….. of all the things to trigger a full-blown panic attack, a fucking novel does me in.

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What Ireland must do to qualify?(UPDATED)

Ireland’s upcoming games are two of the most important in the countries history. Ireland hasn’t qualified for the World Cup since Korea 2002 when Robbie Keane was in his prime. Many felt this was the year Ireland would return to the summit of the world’s greatest competition, but recent results have left them in a dark place. The boys in Green’s drawl 1-1 draw away to Georgia was followed by a defeat to table-toppers Serbia. The green men are in a difficult position going into Friday’s game with Moldova, but can they qualify?

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Stephen Clery

Bio: Resident shitlord, resident this guy, will write articles for clout and a gf.   If you have a story for Stephen put ‘Stephen’ in the subject bar and email him at:

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Ronan Gaine

Bio: Grade-A sport binger, the type of guy that would miss his wedding rather than miss a game.   Social Media Links: I put most of my sport posts up on facebook   

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Lee Duffy

Bio: Another football fanatic, would sell my limbs for the boys in green. Social media links: Don’t use it often, but find me on twitter @leeduffy96 Email:

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Noel Murphy

Bio: I don’t belong on this planet. Waiting for the mothership to come and save me from the monotony of 3rd wave feminism. Social Media Contact Noel on facebook. twitter: @noelmmurphy    

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Dylan McBennett

Bio: Dylan: The hardest hitting 145-pound journalist, the real hardest hitting 145er, this guy plagiarises articles, when I write articles they’re full of facts. Who the F is that guy. Social Media links: